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Robert Jeffers
06 May 2014 @ 12:24 pm
There is a word that I think plagues most of the older generation of gamer’s that still play this game and that word is nostalgia. Though I think it plagues us in very different ways, from former expansions, class changes but for me its vastly different.

When I started playing the game over eight plus years ago I think the most nostalgic thing for me is outside media. I remember when it did not matter how cool your guild was, it was only as cool as your guild website. When people actually cared about joining a guild because of the effort put into the site.

As a dinosaur from a time long forgotten before instant queuing for dungeons, raids and pvp I can remember when people actually planned. I remember people waiting at your guild website just for the new raid to be posted just to sign up for a spot.

Now I can do all that inside the game and completely killing the most important part of a guild website. I no longer even have to post how far progressed we are because there are websites out there that do it for you and spam you with ads.

I no longer even need to worry about asking for players professions because I can look them up in game and even see what you can craft. I remember when you actually took the time to get to know someone through forums and ran with them to learn there skills and areas of improvements.

I don’t want to say that the game has not vastly improved with all of these quality of life changes but as Christian’s who game it does take away from one important aspect we should all strive for, and that is fellowship with our co-gamer’s.

Many of these changes are to help the casual gamer play the game at an easier time and style which allows for solidarity and isolation. As Christian’s we should be more open and willing to communicate with our companions and openly engage in conversation.

I can not tell you how many times I have joined a group and tried to communicate with them for me to get the following words “Go, Go, Go” because trying to have a conversation was taking too long. While I understand that people are trying to complete objectives and I have been guilty of that as well, these changes make it far to easy to promote this isolationist lifestyle.

Before all this came into the picture, one would sit in town and try to form a group from within the community of trade chat which was in no way a vulgar and cesspool of hatred that it has become now. You would take the time to travel to the location to help summon those that did not have the flight paths are those that were making gear, potions or elixirs to actually run the dungeon.

You would actually discuss who you would crowd control and the order in which you would pull the creatures as to ensure a victory instead of a wipe. Now a days as a tank if I even think about not running head first into a group of creatures and tanking them all at one time and letting the group do there area of effect spells I will be kicked from the group.

I am plagued by nostalgia for a time when people acted more like Christian’s interested in fellowship instead of those who don’t care about anything other than themselves and their instant gratification. I will still show them love and respect that hopefully they will turn their life’s around.

Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor;

Robert Jeffers
25 February 2014 @ 11:23 am
Alright I understand that my last post was a rage infused cocktail of hate. Now that I have had the time to cool down and relax I wanted to explain more.

I have been in raiding guilds since vanilla, I was a member of a raiding alliance among different guilds similar to what people do with Flex today or Looking For Raid. I remember not being able to get into the best raiding guild on my server because I couldn't get my Best In Slot item out of Zul'Gurub. So I have been plagued by horrible RNG rolls since three months after the opening of the A'Q Gates. There was so many people on our server that if sometimes took an hour to just log in and then not to be able to raid the content I wanted to raid because of one piece of gear that I really didn't want but someone else wanted me to have.

I raided in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King in four different raiding guilds on three different servers. This was mostly because other people were moving on because they got there geared and I couldn't get mine to stay viable in the new content. So we moved on to the next guild raiding the content where we needed gear from. When Cataclysm dropped I said screw it I don't need to raid anymore with raiding guilds I can just do LFR and it was really the one time I got Loot because people who won the loot and didn't need it gave it away or traded it. While it was a horrible expansion it was the only one that I was able to get all epics and tier gear for my rogue.

Though I wasn't in a raiding guild so I couldn't do the Legendary Dagger quest line past a certain point. So now we move on to Mist of Pandaria and this looks like this is going to be my chance to be a real raider again I get into LFR with their new retarded personal loot system and I don't get a single piece of LFR gear after 5 weeks of raiding. That includes using coins every week. It really just destroyed me on the inside, not because I deserve loot over anyone else but it was the fact week after week like 50-75% of the raid was getting gear and linking it in raid chat and here I was tanking this stupid instance and I was given no love.

So I get the chance to join a raiding guild on a different server, the only problem is they don't need any tanks but I can go and dps it up. I really hate dps'ing and I really hate the two dps specs my class has. So my character raids ToT and SoO trying to get loot for a spec I don't want to play and low and behold I get a couple of pieces, I buy gear out of the AH, I buy gems, enchants (some provided by my wife) and glyphs get my character ready to go. They cross-server invite me and we raid three bosses, one shotting the first, dying a bunch on the second and third bosses but getting them down.

While I had no coins left from doing LFR SoO I was hoping to get my first piece of Flex gear to show me that everything I worked so hard for was worth it. So on the last boss what drops, Flex Gloves, not the tier piece but a standard pair of gloves and the kick in the pants is that I have 553 gloves that I got off of the Celestials the first week the Timeless Isle was out and I wasn't even playing this character back then he was parked out there just to do the Celestial. I went insane with anger, over this games stupid RNG un-smart system that no matter how many times the people on the forums complain they won't change.

I would have been less angry if I didn't get anything at all, but the fact I sold them for 17g which is less money than I would have gotten out of the fail bag really ticks me off. I have 553 Legs and Belt that I bought for 10+K and my Gloves that I got from Timeless everything else for my offspec is 450-496. While I should have been rolling for Unholy, I chose Blood because almost all the gear that was dropping from Unholy was also on the Blood table. So I attempted to be smart and give myself more chances to upgrade both specs and RNG decided to dick me over again. So needless to say last night I was upset, and if there is one thing I hate is when people get 3 pieces in one night saying it shouldn't matter.

Well it does matter, it matters to me especially with a couple of pieces I could be pulling more dps and helping more instead of sitting there at the lower end of the damage meter and still doing more dps than people with 540 gear that have been raiding for weeks and weeks. I don't want to be carried, I busted my ass in that raid with my limited gear to produce the very best dps I could do and I got nothing to show for it except over a 100+g repair bill, two flasks I bought for 44g each, while my two fail bags and gloves paid for my flasks. I got nothing else to show for the night, not even any achievements.

While I want to keep raiding with the guild, the thought of paying 25$ x2 for me and my wife to move to a server that is Role-Playing to begin with and to get the benefits of the guild without the hope of getting loot for myself seems irrational to me. I liked the people and I liked the atmosphere but I can't go another 5 weeks of not getting upgrades and falling behind in a guild again.
Robert Jeffers
25 February 2014 @ 12:13 am
I am really sick and fucking tired of the Random Number Generator System that makes up World of Warcraft. Tonight I raided Flex SoO and I wiped multiple times cleared three bosses and while all the gear that I could have gotten for the fucking spec was a tiny upgrade over my LFR. So I decided to set my spec to tanking because that stuff would be a massive upgrade and that is the spec I want to play. So what do I get to drop for me the whole fucking night, gloves fucking gloves that I already have 561 twice upgraded tier gloves. Seriously fuck you I dropped over 15k in the last three days to buy fucking gear, enchants and gems for a spec that I really don't like playing to totally get fucking shafted.

No seriously fuck you RNG cunt whore, and your dirty cunt licking system of giving out loot. The worst part was I wasted 10 fucking coins doing LFR SoO just to get a good enough ilvl to fucking raid Flex and you couldn't throw me one motherfucking bone you piece of shit fucking uppity shit system. This is what kills me because of this fucking RNG, I was the first 90 in my guild 90 long before anyone was close to catching me, I was in fucking LFR the first week it was out raiding and tanking and RNG completely fucked me there to the point that I got tired of actually raiding and started to level alts. Now I am back on this same character and your still going to fuck me with your RNG bullshit. Then people wonder why I rage quit for 6 weeks, because I was tired of raiding with a bunch of fucking losers who don't know how to play there fucking class in LFR and not get any kind of rewards because its funny.

My time runs out in less than three days, if I don't get any fucking loot again in the next Flex raid I go on, Blizzard can go fuck themselves and not get anymore fucking money from me. 
Robert Jeffers
03 January 2013 @ 08:18 am
Why does today feel so shitty this is unbearable!
Robert Jeffers
01 January 2013 @ 09:56 am
I'm not sure why this is happening but the dead bodies in my backyard are trying to get out of the ground. Seriously I didn't want to play Whack-A-Mole in real life, way to start off the New Year.
Robert Jeffers
01 January 2013 @ 12:16 am
Happy New Year Yall!
Robert Jeffers
31 December 2012 @ 08:21 am
Seriously what the hell happened, I had this grand expectation that I would not be making this post today especially with 2013 coming tomorrow. I didn't prepare for this moment, I didn't stock up for the Great Market Crash of 2013, I didn't prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse of 2014, and I sure am not prepared for anything else that may come along. I bet it all on 00 and let the ball spin around, and its still spinning and 00 disappeared off the table.

Now I need to buckle down and figure out my next plan of attack.  
Robert Jeffers
30 December 2012 @ 07:49 pm

Okay seriously what is wrong with Blizzard. Honestly I don't care anymore, they turned the entire game into Dailies. Here you have 15% Leveling, 15% Raiding and 70% Dailies. For those of you that PvP, dailies do not affect you like they affect those that do PvE. I have 11 Characters, 4 at level 90, 3 at level 85 and the rest at level 80. I made an active decision when I got my toons to level 70 back in BC I would only play a few of them and focus. Now I did do that and where did it get me right a long delay between games and I had 10 at 80. Cataclysm comes out I tell myself the same thing and I only get 7 to level 85! Now we have a long stretch of time and I am locked into the Annual Pass but I stop playing World of Warcraft to focus on Star Wars and Diablo 3. So I basically throw away Diablo 3 because the game is an utter piece of shit in my opinion. Now Mist of Pandaria launches and I say to myself I am getting all my toons to 90.

I level my main Death Knight to 90 and like a good little solider I do the dailies, and I do the dailies, and I do the dailies and I say to hell with it. I level another toon, then another and finally I level my forth one and I am like screw this company and this game. Seriously I pay for content, and when it takes me less than a few days to ding 90 on a character and that includes getting Loremaster of Pandaria, plus exalted with the Lorewalkers there is seriously something wrong with the game. Cataclysm and Mist of Pandaria should have been launched as a massive expansion which should have taken us from levels 80-90 with a staggered release of content so everyone didn't rush to 90. This 5 levels an expansion and zero percent of quantity once you hit max level is garbage. I am tired of wasting my money on sub par content from a company that still charges a monthly service fee, and then expects us to like the lack of effort they throw at us.

Now don't get me wrong, Cataclysm had a good story and I liked it and the epic Rogue quest chain for legendary daggers to introduce a massively cool story protagonist was lame. I agree that Legendary Daggers were needed but along the same lines why is there not Legendary Weapons for every spec and each expansion should have a cool quest giver that updates these Legendary's to be top of the first tier of raiding for each expansion. I just got Thunderfury the other day after 5 years, granted I wasn't hardcore about it like I should have been but that was mostly because there was no use to have it. I have had both bindings for over 4 years but never bothered to get the other materials. All of a sudden there is talk about getting the ability to transmog Legendary's so I felt the need to get my sword. It took me less than two weeks to farm the mats to have it, only because I might have a purpose for it.

I played Star Wars for a long time and while it had about 5% of World of Warcraft's quality of life perks I also made me realize that these quality of life perks are what is ruining the game. When I started playing World of Warcraft like 7 years ago I was playing on Khadgar Alliance side only because my best friend was there. He was playing a druid and I was like oh they sound cool and he was they are but for end game we only heal and I was like okay I don't want that responsibility, so I made a hunter. Yes I was that hunter wearing cloth gear, mail gear with +str and +def I was the highest definition of noob. But I joined this guild he was in called Heroes of Legend and people helped me to not noob it up, I also realized from level 60 Hunters in the guild that this was not the class for me.

I made a Warlock and got it to level 60 and was raiding and it was amazing, like orgasmic quality. In fact my wife who was playing a mage would get so exciting about winning loot in raids that we would go and have sex, that's how amazing the game was. I eventually because the guild master of Heroes of Legend and became the raid leader at the same time. We had about 150+ unique people in our guild and I knew all there names, their alts, their kids names, their wife's names we were that much of a family. If someone was trying to do something on an alt or their main we all stopped and helped out. We raided together, we PvPed together, we did everything together.

My guild now with all these Quality of Life changes I know about 20 people and of those 20 people I might now the names of 4 of their wifes, I don't know about their kids, I don't know what they like, we don't do anything together, we don't even LFR together. The game has become this emotionless cog in the apathetic machine. Friends that I have made in this game, and became friends with outside of the game have stopped talking to me because of this game and us trying to remake what we had and it became too much. These people were smarter than I and walked away, I was so blinded by the game that I was too stupid to see how it was ruining itself and I was stupid to stay.

Blizzard did the one thing Blizzard does and that was cater to the newest crowd of people, and then the next newest crowd of people. The one thing Blizzard didn't do was make sure to help those people that actually helped them get the game off the ground. We got caught up in the hoopla of new features that slowly killed our guilds over time and helped our friends to drift apart and not even be on the same servers.

I will never buy another Blizzard product again. I don't care if Titan is the most amazing thing in the world or if they make a Diablo 4, I will never again subjugate myself to this bullshit of horrible content and the process of promoting apathy.